Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fast & Furious 4 Review

I would still recall the first Fast & Furious when I was in Australia. My Aussies mates back then were not impressed by Japan Imports until they blew away watching Fast & Furious. For the first movie, its all about "NOS". The introduction of Vin Diesel in the movie made him the star today. So did the Korean star in the movie.

After years passed by, now we have Fast & Furious 4 uniting both actors. I thought this will be the same. I was quite wrong.

The Part 4 was quite impressive actually. Equally good with the first or much better. Why is that? More racing. More cars. More babes.

Its no secret if you want to watch this movie, you go for the car and babes (and the dudes if you are a chick). If not why bother watching this movie?

This movie relates a lot of revenge and friendship. Lots of usage of GPS in racing this time around. Both characters develop to a next level where sequel can be always there. There's no lost love in this movie, more cars and effects are seen in this movie.

A must watch movie for Fast & Furious fans.

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