Thursday, April 16, 2009

Heineken's: A Night in Rome at Sincero Riverbank, Ipoh

Last Saturday I was in Ipoh for an event.

Heineken's A Night in Rome at Sincero Riverbank, Ipoh.

It was in Sunway City, Tambun. A short distance from the Tambun's Giant.

Went there early for the set up and so on. The area was huge!


The set up and the stage for the event that day was magnificent. However, closing on the evening, the sky looked dimmed. It looked as if its going to rain. We hoped for the best.


This particular backdrop was built by using the Heineken bottles. They put the lights inside to lit up the bottles. Amazing work.


The evening did rain but it didn't stop the show and the crowd from pouring in. The show started late at 10.30 with opera singing followed by an amazing fashion and make up show from Redken.

The show later on continued with Joey G spinning the DJ console pumping the wild crowd.


There was fireworks as well by Sincero.


Me having a great time with the organizers.


Me and Joey G during the party.

Spaceship ft. Goldfish & Arabyrd took over from Joey G later on, spinning the music as the crowd went wild till late! They were awe!!

There was also a lucky winner from the crowd winning a ticket to watch Uefa Champions League Final in Rome.

It was a wild wild wet evening with occasional rains. Yet, the crowd endured and everyone had a great time there.

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pinkladyhigh said...

looks like a nice event! i supposed the booze was on free flow? lol.