Sunday, April 05, 2009

Shinjuku Incident Movie Review

To me honest I wasn't impressed at first by the movie title. Lots of news about the movie getting banned in China due to the movie brutality. I didn't really plan to watch it but since I got tagged along why not?

The movie started slow with how Steelhead (Jackie Chan) went to Japan to look over for his girlfriend Xiu Xiu.

The movie then reflects the dark side of Tokyo. The works of an illegal immigrants were working. He then also helped by Jie (Daniel) to settle down in Japan.

Story then revolves when they had more complications in their life when they crossed path with several gangsters and yakuzas. Things were getting more interesting when Xiu Xiu is married a to a local gang leader.

There's lot of realness in the movie. Jackie and Daniel acted well in the movie. Its a must watch movie. One of the better Jackie's movies. Least fight but emotional.

I have no complaints of how the movie ended or how the story goes. The story itself was quite strong as Steelhead revolves from an illegal immigrant to a different person.

I shall said this again, watchable movie!

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