Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wedding Bands

I spent almost half day at Mid Valley last Sunday finding a pair of wedding bands.

It wasn't easy. Me and Rachel scouted almost all the jewelery shops there. Going shop by shop was tiring. I loved shopping but looking thru every shops' wedding band collections were so heavy on my eyes. By evening, I barely walk.

There was quite a bit of selections but we wanted either white gold or platinum.

We then decided to get the platinum. Yet, there's platinum with gold or rose gold. I saw a really cool ring of platinum and rose gold but later on chose a platinum ring.

We booked the rings and now waiting the right time to pick it up.

Platinum could be a bit dearer but to wear it everyday forever, its all worth it. Thus, platinum is also a slightly softer than gold. Will post it once we collected it.

By the way....

We changed our dates again. Gosh. I hope we can fix this soon. Been really busy with work.

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Rick said...

Keep in mind that unlike white gold, platinum does not lose mass when scratched - the metal is actually shifted around. You can have your platinum wedding band refinished like new probably for the life of the wedding band. Pretty cool!