Sunday, May 03, 2009

Bleach 356 Spoiler with Pictures

Credits: Ann-chan
Source: BA

This is really just a large piece of rambling on the spoiler giver's part I fished out the parts that are actually of any use, but don't really reveal anything new.

- Soi Fon tries to land in a kick with Barragan, but suddenly her leg becomes slow and she can't hit him.
- She seems to be thinking "why..."
- Soi Fon gets a bone fracture from getting hit by Barragan's attack, and while she is thinking just then about what kind of attack she received, he asks "do you comprehend/understand?"

other than that, it's mostly about what kind of pages are in the chapter (it's mostly about the ones we have already seen though, like the one with all the arrancar on it) they also forgot the english title of the chapter, but they thought it might have been "something-skull" yes, very helpful info all~

Credit: Cezaria

Barragan says those are the ten major themes of death in humans, and those themes have been given to each of the Espada to govern over.

As for Barragan's theme of death, he states that it is the most powerful one that nothing can overcome, which is "time". Thus it ties in with his "aging" theme.

Also, his Zanpakutou's name is Arrogante - Spanish for arrogant.

(Apparently, he could age people up really fast, which is why Soifon seems to be screwed since she relies on her mobility in battles.)

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