Friday, May 29, 2009

Bye Bye Altis!!

It has been almost 5 years since I got you.

Within this 5 years relationship we had, you never ever once disappoint me.

With your 1.8 VVTI Engine, I had once a Porsche tailgated me at 180km/h which resulted a summon which I had to pay for RM 300. Thank you very much... Yet, I can go around 500km per tank in town and 600km++ on highways.

You never ever broke down on me.

And you save my life at least 3 times.

Once in Genting while Initial D~ing downhill.

Once when I got asleep while driving.

And numerous time during heavy rainfalls.

Today, I had to let you go. I hope you understand.


It was a great 5 years with you.


reanaclaire said...

why letting go? i have a vios and i love it.. though scratches here and there, i love to drive it everywhere i go... oh, perhaps u get a camry now? how much did u sell yr altis?

For my little gal - Breanna said...

wah.. getting new car ah... for the big day also? hehehe...

wishing you having a great relationship with the new toy!

Wilson Ng said...

reanaclaire: Altis sold at RM 62k to second hand car dealer. There's a bit of work needed to be done. Paints and such. I needed to sell it quick for downpayment for my new car. It's not a Camry... Will reveal next week.

Breanna: Getting the car next week... Not going to spend anything on the new car though...

Kenny said...

Ooo.... new car on the way.