Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Star Trek Review

Thanks to Nuffnang and for the tickets today. Appreciate it.

I waited for this movie for quite a while and today I managed to watch it.

I loved Star Trek The Next Generation. Never ever watched the original series. Prolly not my era.

The stereotype of Star Trek is it's a pure boring sci fi movie. That's so damn wrong with this new movie.

JJ Abraham reborn Star Trek. I wished he could reborn Dragonball, but James Wong had already screwed it so badly.

I won't be revealing anything here. No spoilers.

Let me tell you what I liked about the movie.

The opening sequence was fantastic. The story of the movie flows very well. There's character development and the visual effects was superb. Most of the actors were pretty good in the movie. And to be frank, there's quite a number of actors there were quite well known.

Seriously, forget the "old timer" Star Trek. This movie brings a lot of energy and its very appealing.

I would really hope they gonna make heaps of sequels of this. This is a brand new "era" of Star Trek.

This movie is a worth to watch.

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