Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wedding Registration Application @ Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN), Putrajaya

Its never been easy to pick a date for the wedding registration. Being a superstitious Chinese, that will make it more complicated. Why would I say that? Firstly, we need to look for a "good" day that suits to our birth dates. Then the day must not be a weekend or clashes with other weddings, events or such.

After weeks of planning, we decided to go to Putrajaya to do our wedding applications. We took our time and drove there slowly looking for the Presint 3 sign where the JPN is located.

Its our first time there.


The place was huge and nice. Signs were visible so looking for the wedding registration counter was easy. There's a few notable signs includes divorce application. Geez.

The wedding registration counter is on the first floor. There wasn't many people there at that time. We felt we got lucky. We took our number and we were served by the friendly lady there. She gave us the application form and briefed us about the wedding registration and the process. The lady was "uber" friendly and informative.

She told us that they don't do wedding registration on Thursday and so happened that our date is on a Thursday. It means that we need to choose a new date after weeks of planning. Looking at the situation, the lady gave us a solution by asking us to pre-register first and change the date later. She was fantastic.

The wedding registration is based on first come, first serve basis from 8 am to 11.30 am. On the actual day, we need to get a number and wait for our turn. We were fine with that.

The place itself was a beauty. We seen a few lovely pictures on the walls. Its much nicer than other wedding registration places. Our choice was a right one.

Few things you need to know:
1. Bring your actual I/C
2. Bring 1pc passport photo
3. Wedding session is from 8.00 am to 11.30 am daily, they closed on weekends and Thursday.
4. The actual form is at the counter, used them!
5. The whole application cost RM 30 and pay during the actual day.
6. It's first come first serve basis means, come on the actual day and take a number.

After finished submitting our application forms, we decided to hunt for a lovely Chinese restaurant for the actual day. There's no Chinese restaurant in Putrajaya! We scouted around for an hour, going from hotel to hotel, there wasn't any. So then we decided that on the actual day, we would drive back to KL for the wedding lunch.

For now, we need to prepare the new date and the things we need for the actual day.


wen pink said...

OH WOW U R GETTING MARRIED!!! GRATS!!! ^__^ help me to wish racheal too yah~ gong hei gong hei!

For my little gal - Breanna said...

Congrat.. now we are just waiting to be bomb rite? hehehe

Lingzie said...

im surprised that there aren't any chinese restaurants in putrajaya!!
a friend's friend had her registration there as well and the photos were lovely! congratulations! :)

Cecilia & Terence said...

Wah....Congratulations to the both of you. Meaning that from now onwards we need to save up liao so that can give angpao..... :P