Friday, May 01, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Review

The movie started when Logan and Victor were brothers. They were then battle in various wars for their country. As time passed by, Victor hooked on the lust of killings. When they were introduced into the military, Logan got tired of the killings and quit from the group.

Years later, Logan started a new life in Canada. However, his past started to haunt him. Victor managed to find Logan and he killed Logan's girlfriend. Thus, Logan rejoin the military experiment to get the extra strength to kill Victor. He was then referred as Weapon X.

The movie started well and I loved how the movie progressed with Logan's life. Being a NON X-MEN comic book fan, I know most of the X-Men characters through video games. It's quite interesting to watch this movie from a layman perspective of view. Gambit was pretty cool in the movie. There was also a young Cyclops in the movie. There's quite a number of fighting scenes. Lots of visual effects, lots of explosions and lots of mutants.

I enjoyed the movie. I would say its a good entertaining action movie. Hugh Jackman was cool.

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Nomad said...

I wonder if Hugh (Huge) Jackman will be able to be anything but Wolverine now that so much of his career has been consumed by this role