Thursday, June 04, 2009

Ah Long Terror!!

The hot topic for this few days are no other than Ah Long (loan shark). Well, if Japanese have their yakuza, Italy got their mafia and we Malaysia got our own ah long. Yakuza is famous of chopping off fingers especially pinky while ah long now chop off limb. For RM 8000, ah long chopped off his limb. More about the news, HERE.

Few days ago, another ah long abduct 3 men for months. News HERE.

Ever wonder how to get ah long's phone number?

Check this out... Something very familiar in our beloved country...


Look how they terrorize the parking machine and the signage.


Tree of ah long?

Why can't the police catch the guy who owned the phone number for vandalism?

Welcome to Malaysia! Malaysia Truly Asia....

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Konea♥ said...

good one! I even have one house in my taman here that has numbers to some "loaning" thingy.. LOL.