Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bleach 363 Spoiler

Credits: Spacecat
Source: BA
Verification: Confirmed

There is a color page with CHAD.

After seeing Ukitake's moves 3 times Stark can see through it.

I don't remember what they are saying sorry.

Some guy (Wonderweiss??) interrupts.

Some ridiculously huge guy appears from the rear (a big black mass, can't tell who).

Ukitake's swords ability allows it to absorb from the left blade and then release it with the right?

Basically it absorbs as one thing and transforms while passing through the chain and is emitted as a wave of energy. (So I guess if it goes in as a cero it comes out more like Ukitake's power and the cero mixed/combined? I'm not sure how to explain this).

The two guys are being pushed. Kyouraku is going to use his bankai but Ukitake stops him.

There is an intrusion.

Stark and also Wonderweiss?


As far as I can tell it is not Yammi.

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