Tuesday, June 02, 2009

My First Washing Machine

Rachel bought our the first washing machine last week. Its just one of things that we need for our house.

washing machine

After looking around shopping for our washing machine, I guess we got a quiet a sweet deal from Harvey Norman that includes a 5 years warranty. Since its just 2 of us, we decided to get something in medium size. 5-6 kg is just too small to wash the comforters while 8 kg and above is just too big for 2 of us. We decided to get a 7 kg range for our house.

Why LG? Apparently, there's few friends are using LG and they were satisfied with it. No problems or such. We locked down our budget around 2k and we locked down to 2 brands, Electrolux and LG. Of course, LG wil be always cheaper. We went through a few stores and found a display unit for sale. The salesman extended the warranty to 5 years for free and we had a deal. They then deliver the washing machine to my place within 3 days. They were punctual with their delivery time and I can say they were very professional.

Will start to use it soon.

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