Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Post Japan Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen Premiere Spoilers

TRANSFORMERS REVENGE OF THE FALLEN held its world premiere in Tokyo, Japan on Monday. Now word is coming out from the few that saw it. The Don Murphy Message Boards' member Wonkimus_Major was one of the lucky few and he's got a whole lotta spoilers to share.
Believe me, I didn't even read all of them, just glanced, trying to be pleasantly surprised instead of knowing the movie beat for beat when it comes out.

He obviously liked the film and says it's much better than the first one. Here are some excerpts from his post head over to the original posting linked above for the full recap,

Movie was incredible, I liked it much more than the first! More action, more robots, less humans! Though there are some lame sexual inuendos like Wheelie humping Megan's leg.

Soundwave only has a few lines but he speaks English. But he never comes down to earth and never turns into a robot. Bleah. Very little screen time, but at least he doesn't get exploded which leaves things open for the third movie.

The Twins were lame. As in the "bust a cap in you ass" stereotype.

Jetfire was comic relief. He has a British accent and reminded me of a Monty Python character. He doesn't "combine" with Prime in the normal sense, he gets fatally wounded and rips out his spark, killing himself so Prime can use his parts.

Sideways never transforms, he is cut in half by Sideswipe in the first battle scene in car mode.

...in the last battle scene there were tons of, well, "repaints," basically reused animation. So even after Devastator forms, there are still constructicons running around. And some Protoforms.

Scorponok is in the final battle too and is killed by Jetfire in about 2 seconds.

TRANSFORMERS REVENGE OF THE FALLEN opens in U.S. theaters June 24.
Source: IESB