Monday, July 20, 2009

The F Cup Cookie

Me and my wife were shopping for perfume at Sasa over the weekend and I stumbled to something interesting. A breast enlargement cookies! Its called F Cup cookie! I was like what the heck? Got such things?

The lovely promoter told me its only works on ladies, I was like..... (since when I said I wanna use it?) Anyways I did read about this cookie on a few blogs lately. If you wondering how it looks like? See the picture below...


Like many curious customers, I decided the take one of the leaflet to read.


Got 2 flavours some more, Choco and Soy Bean....


Click to read it.

Apparently this product is very popular in Japan and Taiwan. It has a Halal certificate and its approved by KKM as a non-hazardous health food.

The product works or not, I'm not sure. I don't think my wife needs it seriously and the lady promoter said it works on her. Too bad wife was around, if not I would ask "Show me!"

Its available at all Sasa stores and 女人我最大 stores. Box of 30 is RM 168!!

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