Monday, July 06, 2009

Hennessy X.O - ‘Exceptional Glitter, Extraordinary Times’

One of the most exclusive events I've ever attended. Hennessy X.O - ‘Exceptional Glitter, Extraordinary Times’ was only for exclusive invite-only dinner for privileged guests only.


Hennessy XO Exclusive Edition...


The super hot Hennessy models of the night...


The very best of Noryn Aziz.... amazing performance by her!


The RM 2.2 Million DeWitt Watch!! Check out the design!


The RM 6 Million Diamond Necklace from Mondial! There's around 67 carats of diamonds! 67 carats okay, not carrots!

me and girl

Lastly, it was just plain me with one of the hot models there.

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