Sunday, July 05, 2009

Ice Age 3 Movie Review

I hardly remember part one and I missed part 2. Going for part 3 was just for the laughs as there's not much comedy movies in cinema this week.

It was my first visit to GSC Tropicana City. Well, it was almost perfect until a rude GSC personnel (Malay guy) spoil everything. We were asking the fella whether we can wait for the released time for uncollected tickets at the side. He said its against the rules and asked us to queue again. This was ridiculous! Then, he said, go back and queue and try your luck. We were so pissed off. We ignored him and waited at the side until the time comes. A young Chinese GSC personnel then welcomed us with big smile and the right attitude. I'm not so sure where the other guy's training came from but it will give a bad name to GSC Tropicana City.

Back to the movie. The movie started slow, with Mannie and Ellie expecting their first baby and how the rest revolves with it. Sid got too emotional and accidentally found a few T-Rex eggs. Sid wanted bad being a parent, took care of the baby T-Rex. Things went wild when mom T-Rex took back the babies back together with Sid. The team then went to another world that they never knew exist. The rest, you have to watch it...

Personally, I enjoyed the movie. Not much of the storyline, just plain comedy movie. I do loved the new character, Buck. He's hilarious. Expect laughs and silliness of some part of the movie.

It's a nice popcorn movie for the family. Recommendable!


Matt Gorden said...

This movie made me realize how family and friends really help each other out. Children may realize what friendship and family really should mean....And no matter what kind of person someone is we should like them for who they are...Have fun watchinng!!!

Matt Gorden said...

The real reason that you should see this movie is to enjoy the new character voiced by Simon Pegg. His emotionally-damaged mammal is the freshest and funniest cartoon character since the penguins saved Madagascar. Unfortunately, many of you may be belly laughing at this character because somewhere deep down it reminds you of your own foibles. That is the genius behind Buck.

Anonymous said...

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