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Naruto 457 Spoiler

Source: NF
Verification: Confirmed
Credits: Sho

んじゃ 表紙はナルト 背表紙はナルトとカカシ
It's Nja. Cover page is Naruto and the spine of the chapter is of Naruto and Kakashi

I wasn't able to see any movie info or the inside of it, but there's some card illustrations-I think- enclosed

サムイ達が雷影に合流 後をつけていたナルト達が雷影に嘆願しに行く
Samui and her team join up with Raikage, and- having followed them- Naruto and co. go appeal to the Raikage

ナルト サスケを許してやってくれ と頭を地面に擦り付けるくらいの 土下座!!
Naruto is prostrating himself (!) on the ground with his head to the floor saying, "Please forgive Sasuke"

雷影 忍びは簡単に頭を下げるもんじゃない~
Raikage: "A shinobi shouldn't be bowing his head so easily as that"

With Raikage turning out not to grant pardon, Yamato cuts into the conversation

大和 こちらもそれなりの~日向ヒアシの件の苦渋の選択~とか色々だすけど
Yamato: "Our side has our own bone to pick with you; the troubling matter of the Hyuuga Hiashi issue and what to do about it", and he goes on about that

*Not going as enemies, it's left at that and off to the meeting grounds (the last expressions they made were pretty meaningful)*

*[trans note: Nja is being purposely vague here]

サイは このままじっとしていられないよ… とサクラを誘ってナルトの元へ?
Sai: "I can't just stay still and do nothing", and calling Sakura, they go to head to Naruto perhaps?

Sasuke and co. decide to take out Danzou on the return back from the conference

Sasuke, wanting to know just who Danzou is, goes with Zetsu to confirm his identity

ゼツにあいつがダンゾウだよ って言われた瞬間にサスケ目が写輪眼へ
but the moment that Zetsu tells him, "He's Danzou," there's a close-up of Sasuke's eyes with the Sharingan

最後は五影で会議が始まる直前で顔見せあった所で 完
The last part we see is the 5 Kages showing their faces just before the start of the conference

Apologies for the shortness

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