Monday, July 13, 2009

When My Wife Becomes A Distraction!

Well, this happened last week. We (me and wife) were looking for a parking space at The Gardens. We were there to try to grab last minute movie tickets for either Obsessed or Public Enemy with Steph and Khai. I found a lovely parking spot near the escalator. So then slowly, I reversed park my car.

Out of no where, wife Rachel said "Check out that chick", pointing the finger to a "fat" lady. I looked at the lady and BAMMED! My side mirror CRASHED to the pillar. My side mirror half way fell off. Rachel screaming "What have you DONE!!" I went down from the car and checked the side mirror. I managed to assembled it back. "PHEW...." No damages, if not I wouldn't know how much my Merc side mirror would cost me. Probably a huge chunk of my salary.

Husbandhood Lesson 101:

1. Focus on what you are doing when you are dricing even your wife asked to look away.
2. Don't blame the wife, as it will create a "tsunami"
3. Don't admit its your fault, as it will create an "aftershocks"
4. Just kept quiet as the "fly" will go away....

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