Friday, August 21, 2009

District 9 Review

Thanks to Buena Vista for the premier tickets, sorry for the late review though.

I read the story a bit before I watched the movie, yet I thought it could be very cheesy. Well, I was so wrong.

Even without the heavy weight actors, this South African flick is one to watch.

Amazingly done with low budget with amazing CGI and Alien creatures, the movie creates a realism that involves with alien and human society. Not to mention great acting and good storyline. Some would find it too boring, well I thought it was quite well done.

There's quite a bit of scenes were censored but most of the important scenes are still there.

Story revolves about the aliens mostly refugees arrived at South Africa 30 years ago. Humans were nice enough to isolate them and gave them food. Yet, after 30 years, society problem arises. The story goes from there... Watch it!

This is a must watch movie!

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