Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Naruto 460 Spoiler & Bleach 370 Spoiler

Naruto 460 Spoiler

Source: NF
Credit: T.D.A
Verification: Confirmed

Here's my half-assed translation of the spoiler:

Tsunade on the spine, Naruto and Sasuke on the cover(confronting one another, Sasuke has lifeless eyes)

Raikage caught white zetsu by his neck and asks him where Sasuke is.
Zetsu tells him 'It wouldn't hurt to give you a hint I guess~'
The second he says this his neck is broken with a loud sound, is he dead?
Mizukage goes 'Killing is off limits'
Everyone else is ordered to keep watching Hokage while others break through the wall to go look for Sasuke

Madara comes to where Naruto's sleeping and asks him if they could talk for a while but is attacked with rasengan in return
Kakashi and Yamato make appearance and seize Madara
'I just wanted to find out how you managed to change Nagato's beliefs so I only came here to talk' says Madara
Naruto tells him that it doesn't matter and asks where Sasuke is

Madara goes 'Fine, let's talk about Sasuke who had fallen into darkness and about this world of shinobi, permeated with hatred and revenge'
Without any hesitation Sasuke strikes down Samurais standing in his way who'd noticed the abnormality around them
Suigetsu looking at him and goes 'Why did you tell me not to kill, isn't that what you're doing now?'
Karin senses unusual 'darkness' and 'coldness' coming from Sasuke with her special ability
And then someone with insane amount of chakra appears

The chapter ends with Sasuke running into Raikage and his two underlings

Bleach 370 Spoiler

Credit: Sheetz
Verification: Confirmed

扉絵は 髑髏
Cover page is Barragan.

Hacchi praises Soifon for the way she was able to enter his barrier.

She says it's enough that she was able to go from using her bankai once every 3 days to using it twice in a single day.
Barragan took a direct hit, but somehow he's alive.
He moves towards somebody. (Hacchi?)
He expels his death breath everywhere.


Barragan's right hand is missing, and his arm has started to age. His death breath is stopped by a barrier, and it rebounds at him, causing his abdomen to rot away as well.

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