Friday, September 04, 2009

Nuffnang Vs. FoodBuzz

There's some issues in my Places And Foods blog (

Foodbuzz lately has terminated my contract by stating that, it's either them or Nuffnang. I wrote them an email explaining my stand with Nuffnang.

My contract from FoodBuzz only runs from US viewers, so then I told them that Nuffnang runs in Asia only. Where's the conflict? They kept telling me to take off Nuffnang ads as rules are rules.

Well, I pledged my loyalty to Nuffnang, our own Malaysian company. Nuffnang has invited me to numerous events, movie passes and so on while Foodbuzz gave me nothing. Not to mention, I befriended and met number of Nuffnangers that visit my blog daily.

Now, I run full capacity with Nuffnang ads on my food blog.

Nuffnang 1 - 0 Foodbuzz

Thanks for reading!


Boss Stewie said...

Thank you for the support Wilson :)

Nicholas Chay said...

Way to go!!! Appreciate the support Wilson

sumijelly said...

yess.....please support Malaysia..

Urbantechnick said...

You doing a right thing bro.

陈一豪 said...

Thanks man.

Appreciate this.

Kelvin said...

Clicked ur nuffang haha^^

Viya said...

Clicked ur leaderboard ad for this. ;)