Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Why Did I Have My Blog Name Card?

My first encounter with blog name card was thru a friend who is a food blogger which started 4-5 years ago. I didn't take it seriously as his ego is bigger than his ass.

I started blogging since 2007 but I only take it seriously since last year, 2008. When I shifted my attention to food blogging, I encountered a lot of food bloggers who were giving away blog name cards. From there, I was taught about professionalism and respect.

We, bloggers are not just a bunch of people talking craps on our blogs. We should be respected for the time and effort we spent on the blog. Even though you or you or you might not like my blog, but I will still go on blogging.

So how should I be taken seriously with respect? How would the person know you are reliable? How would a person remember your blog url or your email address? And most important of all, how would I brand myself?

A Blog Name Card.

It doesn't need to be fancy or pricey. For your info, I print my own cards with quality papers. Remember, not all the people you meet are bloggers.


Mr.Clive said...

hmmm...maybe i shud think of getting one too.anyway,love ur writings!keep it up man!have already link ur blog with mine.looking forward to more posts from u!

Bitter Sweet said...

great idea!