Thursday, November 05, 2009 Is Still Alive

I don't really care much if you read this blog anymore. It would be my place to rant random stuffs from today onwards.

It has been a while since I update here. Reason being is I was spending a lot of time trying to push my main blog, further. I had been doing lots of PR work for it. Hopefully, more editorial will be coming soon, in the next few weeks.

I took off Nuffnang ads for this blog. I guess its unfair to put their ads here while I haven't been updating it much.

Many that knows me personally, know that I'm a big Liverpool fan. The recent slump is a foreseeable thing once Alonso left Anfield. Sad, I would say but he shouldn't shoulder the blame for this season's weak run. Jamie Carragher has lost its magic at the back while there's a big hole in the midfield. It's either Benitez will shop during January or the title will be as good as over.

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