Monday, November 16, 2009

When Wern Shen Beats Nuffnang's 3 of 4 Heavenly Kings, Cheesie, Huai Bin and Ky for Blogathon

I was busy that day, if not I would come down to support. Sorry guys.

When the news Wern Shen beated Nuffnang's 3 of 4 Heavenly Kings, Cheesie, Huai Bin and Ky, there were lots of gossips spreading the Malaysia's bloggersphere. Who the heck is Wern Shen?

Wern Shen is an editor or the person in charge of I know him a certain time back, he's a friend of my sis. Knowing he's a famous celebrity blogger now, should have got his signature back then.

Nobody knows what happened, but one thing for sure, he beaten the likes of KY Speaks, Cheesie and Huai Bin. Add 3 of them together, they have more than 10k readers per day and Wern Shen was hardly known (no offense, Wern Shen). For a outsider to win, it really means a lot to him. And the weird thing is, how could they lost?

Congrats! Wern Shen! Waiting for our celebration call!


Daniel said...

Hahaha.. that guy last time don't even blog when I first knew him back then in the same company.

Now he's like woah.. who the heck is that guy. HAHAHA

John Empong said...

Those top bloggers need to win what la. They are already blessed with so many things like advertorials and tons of visitors per day. Better to use that influence to make this place a better world la. Don't see them doing that either. Good to see that WS won. Power to the underdogs!

KY, Cheesie n HB who? Farkin nobody in a crowded place, oh please.

Simon Seow said...

Wern Shen got like the whole community RT his twitt lol.

Wilson & Rachel said...

Daniel: He's a cool guy!

John: Chill bro...

Simon: So?

Chan said...

WAH! Celebrity blogger your head ah! U dun be siao brother!!

Simon> Actually not many community ppl come n support me... mostly flame me. But im very grateful to the few of them who did support me! :)

Paiseh paiseh... first time ppl blog about me.. :P

Simon Seow said...

Each RT got 1 point one. According to Ringo, he won because of his RT points is more than the three of them.

wEtwEtwAtEr said...

like simon said, in that competition, 1 RT = 1 point.
whole LYN = 200k members,
200k members = 200k points.
Thats damn alot!

Chan said...

sorry wilson for invading ur comment box, but just wanna address this:

simon, wetwetwater: yes i won thru RT, but no, not the 200k members. u dig thru forums... they actually anti me instead of support me ;)

atreyu strange said...

@Chan, ouhh, that's true! They really do anti you in /k/! Haha.

Mr.Clive said...

and you have introduced me with another potential blogger to replace kenny offense to ks though.:P