Thursday, December 03, 2009

When I Forgot That I Am Fat

You don't tell me, I'm plum or things like that. I'm fat, very fat to be precise. Another word for this, its called obese. The word obese somehow sounds like shit. Either way, it never sounds good.

I was in Larut Hill or Maxwell Hill in Taiping last weekend. Equipped with DSLR, I started to walk around Larut Hill to take the best shots. Then, I thought I would like to jog back up the hill, I ran up. Without minutes, I was breathless. My client caught up with me, ask me what happened.

I told him, "I forgot that I'm fat! shit!"

After years being obese, I got so used to it. It would be a lie that I will not want to be slimmer. Yet, when my age caught up, losing weight is getting much tougher. But anyhow, I always forgot that I am fat.

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