Thursday, May 22, 2008

The "Empty" Kettles....

For most of the people who doesn't really know me, they never know that I'm a homey person. One of the few reasons is because I just so get used to stay alone for this few years. I seldom hang out with friends as I'm too lazy to go out. The other big reason is the effect of the empty kettle.

Do this simple test, if you hit an empty kettle, you get loud sounds, but with full kettle, you will get softer sound. Same goes to humans. In my life, I met lots of empty kettles. They love to brag, talk rubbish and talking lies in front of me. Most of this people are men. There's a few girls I knew by then are empty kettles but not as much as men.

I wouldn't mind if they bragged a bit but when lies or bullshits comes to me, that's it. There are quite a number of friends I had to let go because of this. Stubborn you might say I am but I felt that I have the right to choose talking to the right person that respect you as a friend. I have no respect to pretenders, they are really low life scumbags.

Thinking back lately and sometime back, I started to laugh a bit. Why? While people might be impressed by their pretenders' skills and impressions, I pity them because they are empty inside. Sometimes, I felt lucky also because I can see them out soon, because i have the guts to be myself and being a pretender at least!

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