Friday, May 23, 2008

Indiana Jones: Kingdom of Crystal Skull Review

Around 24 years ago, when I was like 6 years old, my parents brought me to cinema sitting on their laps watching a movie called Indiana Jones. It was an excellent movie which I can still recall part of the movie. To get my parents to bring me to a movie 24 years back, the movie is must be something. It was really something and still something.

After 24 years later, in 2008, Harrison Ford wanted to give us something back in return. Maybe a real finale. When I saw the trailer a couple months back, I laughed. Indiana is really getting too old but I promised myself I'm gonna watch this old man one more time. Indeed today I watched it and it was a right choice.

Another adventure with a new mission. With a new kid on the block as his sidekick will he's gonna be in his way or vice versa. The movie is fun like it used to be. Indy still fights like what he did 24 years ago. Of course this time around, he is much older he used to be so he won't be so man or macho as he used to be. The story is quite simple and like I said its more about the adventure of it and of course the old famous Indy song.... It brought me lots of flashbacks and its a damn worthy movie to watch.


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