Saturday, May 17, 2008

Escalator Horror Story... Almost lost a hand after stucked in an escalator!

This is the actual picture....

A friend had the worst nightmare happening on an escalator. Weeks ago, she and her family went shopping like usual in a shopping center in Klang Valley. Her son loves to sit on the steps of the escalator even though how many scoldings he got from the mom. Towards the end of the escalator, the son screamed and my friend managed to pull his hand out. Eventually, her son sleeves caught into the escalator so it pulled his hand. The skin of the hand is totally gone and my friend almost fainted looking at the picture you are seeing right now. You can see the bones as the skin and flesh are teared from the incident. If she would have slow pulling his arm out, he might lose his fingers now. Her son's hand now will be scarred forever.

To all parents, this are real pictures and real incident. The bill costs her 15k and she didn't have an insurance. Its no joke for kids to play around or sit around on the escalator. Incidents like this could happened to anyone.

Pictures shown here are with the consent on the parents of the boy who is my friend.

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