Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sauna Nightmare

I am not a big fan of sauna but since the steam room was out of order to at the gym, I had to go. The sauna room in my gym is small, so having a few guys cramping in one small cell is not something really to look for. Few dudes went out so I manage to grab a seat. I was cladding with my towel and my undies if you were wondering. So there was this early 40s thin dude sitting on the other side. When I was sitting down I was like accidentally, saw a big bunch of bush with "banana" sticking out. I was like wtf. Look I don't care how big or long your "gun" is but the sauna is a public room. For fucking god sake, he might get bush fire with the bunch of stuffs there like from the Crazy Movie. I feel there is a do and don't in sauna. Getting naked in the sauna room with other dudes are a big no-no. I will stick to the steam room as always and try to avoid the sauna room for now.

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Miao said...

Maybe he was thinking of Steaming his banana lol