Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Blast from the past: The day I stepped into Australia...

QVB: Queen Victoria Building
City Hall on the left of QVB....

On 22nd July 2001, I reached Sydney, Australia. That was like around 7 years ago and it was something that I couldn't forget.

Why I would blog about this if you ask me? I was basically been trying to backup many old files from one hard drive to another and found a lot of old pictures. I'm talking about nice and sweet old pictures...

Back to Sydney story.. my cousin, Sherry and her husband Andre picked us up from the airport and we went to Broadway to put our stuffs. Then, we out for Vietnamese dinner near Chinatown and we walked around the city. Thinking back really makes me missed Sydney so badly... Of course I missed my cousin as well.

Sydney was busy like KL. The difference was it was winter when I was there and there are more Caucasians there. The Asian mixtures were amazing. I remember I spent around 1k for the first week in Australia. Actually it was more than 1k. There are lots of nice foods there but quite pricy if you convert to ringgit now. I don't mind going back for a long break, but looking at the forex, I rather stick to places like LA or even my dream place, Japan.

As amazing as I'm doing this like 1.30 am as I have to wake up like 5.30 am for my shoot in the morning, I enjoyed my moments in Sydney. I wouldn't say the grass is greener on the other side, but its just a different grass on the other side but its still the same shit.

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