Monday, July 07, 2008

I need to lose Weight!!!

Have I really discussed this topic before? I couldn't recall or remember about this. Anyhow I need to lose weight. Well, I've been quite free since last week, thanks to the downtrend market so I got the luxury of time to surf the net for weight loss tips. Many would ask what is the easy ways to lose weight? So I find myself at this site,
There are sites that are quite prominent so I go and browse around.

Medifast is the first one I look into. It shows lots of food options on the site, means I can eat and diet at the same time? Many they put something on the food or maybe the food is not a food but diet food?

Nutrisystem has a different approach. They offered packages... more to programs...Hmmm programs... Like a course maybe...

Weightwatchers also has a different approach as well. They are using science based approach! I wonder what will happened if they put science in me...?

After looking at 3, I still undecided. So maybe I should pick one or go on the hardway, running until my ass off on the threadmill in the gym. No matter how, I still need to lose weight. If only I eat lesser junkies or fatty foods. I'm reaching 30 this year and I really need to take care of my weight. For that, there's lots of things needed to be done. Maybe the 3 options of the above, or run Wilson run in the gym. No matter how, it must start today...

GOD bless me....
easy ways to lose weight

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