Friday, September 12, 2008

9/11, 7 years ago in Australia

9/11... Many remember this as the most tragic terrorist attack on American soil... I was in Sydney, Australia back then and I remembered my part of story as well...

Most of my friends must have heard this from me, about 9/11 when my time I was in OZ. It was night time, and we had calls from friends who asked us to switch on our TV set. Back then, I was staying with my cousin for holidays. Of course, she got those phone calls as well. I still remember we watched as if it was a TV show... It took a while for us to see to believe it. It was a sad moment indeed.

The next day, there was a "moody" Sydney. Everyone was mourning the attacks. There was even a joke about KLCC, when we were told that KLCC was evacuated. Nobody will silly enough to hit our KLCC...

Then, we heard the news we most feared. Ansett was closed down. All the flights were stopped. Not even a single soul in Ansett knew what's going on. I was quite upset about it as we were supposed to fly from Sydney to Melbourne for holiday. So our tickets were burned and we had to take a 12 hours Greyhound bus journey.

At the moment like this, we saw something in Australia that I never seen in my life. UNITY. When Ansett closed down, passengers were stranded outside of the airport. Qantas, an airline rival of Ansett took the passengers and flew them, FOC. It was an initiative for one Australian company to help another. I don't think such things will happened here in Malaysia.

I managed to get some newspaper on the 13th as the 12nd was sold out.

The Ansett falls... It is still a day to remember for me. As that year's summer break, my flight from Sydney was delayed for 2 hours for security checking. And due to that, I almost missed my Singapore to KL transit flight. Today is the day who give a silence to the victims of 9/11. As I'm also a victim of 9/11 but the Australian version.

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