Tuesday, December 30, 2008

IP Man 2008


Few things you must know about the title:

1. Its not pronounce as I.P Man, its pronounce as Yip Man
2. Its not I.P.(Internet Protocol) Man
3. IP Man doesn't have superpower like Superman, Batman or Cicakman...

I watched the movie with high expectation. A friend has already watched told me a bit about the fight sequence. It didn't let me down at all. It was pretty good. The fight sequences were awe. I believe most of the people inside the movie do really know how to fight.

After I watch the movie I realized:

1. Donnie Yen looks younger
2. Samo Hung didn't cameo (that's surprising)
3. Why the hatred against the Japanese
4. Potato eating during war not just happened in Malaysia but China also
5. Before the gym, kung fu schools were the hottest thing in Fu Shan, China
6. Factories workers also know kung fu

2008 Best Martial Art Movie = IP Man


Aj said...

this is great kung fu movie this year. they save the best for last. the movie didn't shows bad japs all the time.some of them just want to try martial art skills. donnie yen look younger because of the make up n lightning

Wilson Ng said...

I was at one of the martial art shop and the "uncle" there also watched IP Man. He was bragging how much he paid to go to cinema. I must say this is one of Donnie Ten's best movie ever!