Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Jusco Day 3rd Dec @ Taman Maluri Cheras

In Malaysia we got many "days"... Father's Day, Mother's Day, Teacher's Day, Labor's Day and many more.... However we got something very special, Jusco Day.

Everyday you read the newspaper, stock went down faster than the petrol price drop. However when it comes to sales like Jusco Day, its like a bull run on the stock market...

Cars queued up for hours to join the Jusco Day Frenzy... I smart.... I "tumpang" bike to go there...

Wonder hows the crowd like? Check it out yourself... "Tak payah kerja?" No need to work?
I wonder where this people came from...?

I saw aunties with trolleys.... I saw parents brought their young ones (I wonder why it was so stuffed)
So I got myself a nice pair of shoes and flew away from the madness scene. By the way, the sales is still ON. You still can go and join the "fun"....

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Lynn said...

I was there today ;D
Anyway it was the members day so..

We're practically sandwiched xD