Thursday, December 11, 2008

How Air Asia Sold My Privacy...

I receive random annoying phone calls to my phone sometimes. Well, it became quite often nowadays.

One that would be interesting was a call from AirAsia Go Insure. One day after I made my airplane bookings at, I had a call from Go Insure pitching me to buy insurance coverage for my journey. I got furious.

How Could Air Asia gave away my mobile numbers to a third party company like Go Insure? To my horror, I'm not the first victim. You know what's the best part, the operator dude slammed my phone. (I never slur any vulgar words, bad mouthing, swearing, calling names includes his family or race)

This are the excellent privacy invasion services offered by Air Asia.

When this happened? Months ago... Why am I so pissed about this? Because I heard it from my mates that this happened to them. What happened when they complained to Air Asia?

Nothing happened....

If you ask me if I still fly with them? Yes, cause I couldn't afford the bigger planes... but now I would ask my friends to book the tickets.

I would never believe I'm the ONLY victim.


Jason Law said...

This probably ruin some reputation of them yet profit is the main interest to them. Hopefully,not too much

Simon Seow said...

I think Air Asia will get commission, what to do they need to cover their low air fare mah.

wan said...

dat's life. u want sometime free/cheaper, then u've to pay for it. consequence. coz n effect