Monday, December 08, 2008

Search For Ben & Jerry?

Who la this Ben and who la this Jerry? Well 1 thing it is they worked together to sell one of the funkiest ice-cream in USA.

In my few journeys off Malaysia, I encountered Ben & Jerry. Amazingly, Malaysia didn't even has the franchise and Singapore has been selling like hot cakes. Well, if you remember Max Brenner...? Is Malaysia that hard market?

Anyways, sources I heard that Ben & Jerry has been spotted somewhere in KL. Being a nice citizen of Malaysia and a fan of Ben & Jerry, I would find this place and post it again if I could find it. Wish me luck...

Ben & Jerry's is a brand of ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet, and ice cream novelty products, manufactured by Ben & Jerry's Homemade Holdings, Inc., headquartered in South Burlington, Vermont, United States, with the main factory in Waterbury. The company is now owned by the conglomerate Unilever.-Wikipedia


BLue said...

Last Saturday was Ben & Jerry's ice-cream fair in Singapore, you've missed it :p

Ashley Two Fish said...

saw it on astro one time. heard they're real good, would like to try too if it's available in malaysia.