Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Superwilson Is Sick

After weeks of no holds barred of eating, my body started to show its limit ("genkai"). Amazingly, I had been sleeping like more than 10 hours throughout the weekends. Sometimes tells me that I needed to see a doc. No way, you sleep more than 10 hours and you still feel sleepy.

So I went to see a Chinese doc. Yes, he is from China. After the consultation, I was told with a list of problems. I thought the blood report I got last few weeks ago was "okay" but apparently it was not. I will need to go back there again in another few days time for another consultation. Well, for this, I will need to cut down lovely foods for sometime. Need to get back in good shape for Christmas and Chinese New Year.

Its like counting down to New Year already. Will list how many stuffs that I didn't manage to fulfill this year and next year's New Year Resolution.

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