Saturday, January 17, 2009

2009 So Far

16 days has gone, just like that.... another week or 2, Chinese New Year will be coming...

The past 16 days treated me like a big bloody "Tom Yam" Soup... sweet, sour and yet spicy...

I had a very short trip to Bangkok, just to redeem my canceled trip to Bangkok last year as I was very sick a day before the trip. The trip lasts for 3 days 2 nights. Very short trip but a very fruitful trip. I was having a great time with my bestie there.

Right after I'm back, I was with Rachel with her scheduled operation. It took me a few days there. Visiting the hospital from time to time. I will blog about Rachel's operation later on, as I felt its very important.

When Rachel was out of the hospital, I was down with all sorts of nonsense. Flu, sore throat and then suddenly tummy ache. For a 30 year old like me, I believed NOW that my body might not able to cope with my SOUL. Make it short, I need to lose weight, I'm unhealthy.

The places such as restaurants and the traveling has taken a toll on my body. My body now seems to respond to me saying, "Wilson, get your big ass up and start working out, I'm tired"...

I know I might not to be able to achieve the miracle that my friend Tony achieved, but the 7kg target could be possible. Tony lost around 20 kg in a year.

In 2008, I had given my collections "shrinked" to cope with my spending. In 2009, the tradition will continues. I hope to shrink my collections to only 1 room. I'm occupying 3 rooms right now.

Business is already a worry to most of my friends and clients. Everytime when I met a person, they talked about the economy and the market. This few months are quiet months indeed, most parties suffered from the economy downturn now. I'm having a quite a dry month as well, as dry as Sahara.

Maybe its 2 am and I can't sleep or its just being me so "saja-saja". I went to the gym today. Workout wasn't that good, but at least I can feel the pain right now. Since my cousin has joined the same gym, I might visit more often until my contract runs out in a month or 2.

I never joined a marathron, or a walktron or a megatron before. This year could be the first time for me doing it. Maybe a short one like 5 km? or 2km? or maybe 100m?

The yawn just hit my face hard so I'm really sleepy right now. I really want to blog about my beloved Bangkok trip soon. Like the same old same old, thanks for reading my blog.


renaye said...

hope u receive lots of angpau during CNY.

Spectre said...

Maybe we can sign up for the RAT race this year together