Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Baby Girl Princess Breanna

At last!! Mahjong Queen Cynthia became a mother! After enduring months of pregnancy and hours on the mahjong table, a princess is born!

I felt so bad after I couldn't made it to the hospital to see Princess Breanna. So a few days after that, me and Rachel decided to visit princess with Erick and Joyce.


Little princess cried when we disturbed her afternoon nap. Well, gorgeous was so fussy and kept on crying. She was so adorable and cute.


Princess managed to kept quiet and opened her eyes. She was thirsty. Look at her little hands, so cute.


Then, princess pretended to be asleep when we wanted to play with her, so cheeky!

Congratulations to Cynthia for having a lovely pretty Princess Breanna! We will see you very soon on the mahjong table again.


curryegg said...

Oh my... she is so beautiful... lovely.. ;)

Wilson Ng said...

She was very cheeky. Kept pretending to sleep. So I tickled her and she was smiling a bit. She's so adorable!!

Cynthia said...

Thanks Wilson for blogging the arrival of my little princess... She is even more cheeky now... When I got the time for mahjong again, will bring her along...

Anonymous said...

why not:)