Friday, February 13, 2009

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button Review

What a story!

The film started with an old Daisy dying, in hospital with her daughter. It looks like the daughter hasn't been spending time with her mum. At the mean time, a huge storm is going to hit the hospital.

The mom requested the daughter to read a diary. The diary of Benjamin Button who little did she know is one great story that lasted more than 2 hours.

The movie started after WW1 when Benjamin was born. One particular thing about this movie is the history of America during his life. I felt this is comparable to Golden Chicken from Hong Kong.

With the narration from Brad Pitt going thru his life, I find the movie interesting enough even though at times, the movie proceeded slowly. In fact, there is a few people dozed off. The movie itself is not bored, is just that plain people wanted to watch "action" movies. Good and great movie is to be appreciated by good moviegoers and not by any Tom Dick and Harry.

I think its a lovely movie to watch especially with your love ones. I would compare this movie with The Notebook but this movie is richer and deeper in story telling.

A must watch movie.

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