Thursday, February 26, 2009

Do A Blogger Needs To Read Lots Of Blogs?

Hmm.. I had been blogging for almost 2 years already. Time flies right. I never thought I could even write properly back then. Of course now, my England improve a bit.

There's a question always hits me when I met other bloggers. They tend to read a lot of other blogs, which I didn't (no offense). I seldom read blogs except a few that's on my list. I don't really go and explore that much of blogs as there are too many of them.

So sometimes in gatherings or such, I felt so left out. And I do felt "paiseh" as I didn't explore others blogs as well. Its not really a big dillema or something but how many bloggers do really read that much?

Do a blogger really needs to read lots of blogs?


Dancesport Malaysia said...

You really need to proof read your articles before posting them.

Good Luck,

Dance Aficionado

alien said...

not really..

Wilson Ng said...


u mean i need to re-read my articles before I post them?