Thursday, February 19, 2009


I totally DSLR-ED! After desserting a Canon 20D for more than 2 years, I decided to start using it. Lots of things had happened in this 2 days. Lots of short photo shooting tips by a friend.

I went to get accessories for my DSLR. A Nissin Flash, a NEW Multicoat UV Lens, A New Battery Charger and a New Camera Backpack. To me its a decent start for my DSLR adventure. Since my friend is having a Canon 40D and a Canon L Lense, I had been doing lots of experimental shoots in my office. And his bloody L Lense is a bloody good one.

I was around KLCC area earlier on so I managed to take a few snaps. I chose the best few and post it here.

Yes, its my VIRGIN Night Landscape DSLR shoot.

This is shot in 5.6 aperture, 1/8 shutter speed, no tripod. Photoshop a bit to re-adjust some mid tone.

4.5 Aperture, 1/20 SS, no tripod.

5.6 Aperture, 1/8 SS, no tripod.

I figured there's a long way in my DSLR. I'm just too excited with the pictures I took. More will come, trust me, it will....

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Chee Hung said...

Hey, nice shot,bro. The soon you'll be carrying your DSLR around wherever you go,bro.
Chee Hung