Sunday, February 22, 2009

I Finished 10km KL City Day Run

I woke up at 6 am today. Getting ready for my first 10km marathon. Once I was at my parents home picking up the rest (2 cousins, sis and sis fiance), we found out that we were late.
We did a few wrong things; wrongly registered Rachel and Adeline as male contestants, got the time all wrong and we were almost too late.

At the brisk of 7.30 am, everyone has already started warming up for the race. By 7.30 am, the race started. I jogged with the rest towards Bkt Tunku. After a 10-15 min jog, I started to slow down to walk. I did short sprints to try to follow the crowd but I wasn't that worry at all. There were quite a few behind me.

The shit thing about marathon was there was no toilet. So it took me a while to get off a few ladies group for me to do it behind some bush. After some short sprints out of Bkt Tunku, running at the highway was tough. Imagine the smoke and the carbon monoxide from the cars, trucks and lorry, running under such circumstances was not easy. I caught up with Rachel earlier on and she sprinted away once she saw me... wtf..

So I took my time and camwhore as well... There was quite a few people behind me.

While reaching Padang Merbok, I saw a couple running with their hands together.... how romantic...

I smartly ran to the wrong side at the finishing and clocked somewhere around 2 hrs. Not bad for first timers like me huh? Once at the finishing, my cousins and my sis and her fiance were there cheering. My cousins were 30 min earlier than me. Well, my sis and her fiance took a cab half way (wtf). Rachel got the wrong socks and her skin of her ankle was torn and bleeding. She went to the St. John's tent to get some treatment.

It's a first time for everything. I hope my tummy will get smaller after this attempt. Next run hopefully will be KL Tower Climb next week. We'll have a few more days to decide still. For the run today, there were lots of small kids running for 3km and other citizens running for 5 km as well. It's a very healthy event and I should say its a shame after so long only we enrolled for this. I might run again next year. For now, I shall go to the nearest spa for my foot massage. :P


wEtwEtwAtEr said...



All the best in the tower climb!

kenn ur ex-trainer said...

adeline ran??wow..miracle!

Wilson Ng said...

www: it din happened..

kenn: she gave up less than 5 km.. called a cab instead... swt..