Tuesday, March 03, 2009

CSU (Charles Sturt University) Gathering 2009

It has been almost 7 years since we left CSU Wagga Wagga Campus in NSW, Australia. Some had married, some stayed on, some moved away, some turned gay and some still around. Like many other friends, it has been a while since I've met them. Its more like a sign on my forehead states "Anti-social".

Eelise is going to move to Japan permanently with his husband. Knowing Eelise for almost 10 years,there's no way that we are not going to have a mini gathering cum farewell party for her.


We were treated with a Japanese feast. Home cooked by Eelise herself, she took a few hours to prepare the meals. When we were in campus back then, I did most of the cooking for Rachel and sometimes for her as well. Now, she became a good cook, signs of an establishing housewife.


We had buta-katsu, japanese curry, miso soup, japanese potato salad, spicy rice noodle, salad with Japanese sauce and spicy pickles. It was an amazing feast.


The table was filled with so much joy. Much more like the times we had in campus.


Eelise and Rachel....


Group picture with the gang. There so much laughter and memories brought from the past. To those who couldn't made it, I wished that you all were there. Yet, we could arrange another gathering later on.

I missed Wagga wagga, I missed Australia and I missed the other mates.


Make Money Online said...

you have a good bunch of friends man.

renaye said...

i really hope i could keep in touch with my former collegemates for more than 10 years, until the day i'm expired will be great!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that looks like an amazing meal. Wish I could have meals like that, lol.

Anonymous said...

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