Thursday, April 09, 2009

Bleach 353 Spoiler with picture

353 The Ash

Ichigo has been struck down

Ori: "Kurosaki! Kurosaki!!"
(note: originally it's saying "classmate Kurosaki", but it sounds weird in let's stick with Kurosaki)

The look of Ulquiorra staring at him.

Ulqui[Even though the arms and legs are endlessly regenerating, they are but empty shells. Has that punk already regenerated his inner organs that were destroyed? Just now, if that blow had not suceeded...the one that is laying there dying would've been me]
(note: seems to be... ichigo thinking about Ulqui?)

A light has descended upon Ichigo's body?
Ishida "The has been blocked..."
Ulqui: "Hyper regeneration!"
Ori: "Kuro...saki?"

Ichigo stands up without hesitation
"Me? Is there supposed to be a hole in my chest?"
Ori: "Kurosaki..."
Ichigo: "Inoue...are you okay?"
Ori is smiling slightly
Ichigo notices Ishida's state/appearance
Ishida "So you've finally awaken?"

Ulqui: "Such a stubborn punk!"
Ulqui pulls out Ichigo's blade from Ishida's torso that was impaled earlier
He throws the blade to Ichigo
Ulqui: "Holding it, let's decide this fight."
Ichigo: "Was I the one who impaled Ishida?"
Ulqui: "So you know eh..."
Ichigo: "Was the one who hacked away your left arm and leg also me?"
Ichigo: "Then, you'll come and cut off my left arm and leg!"
Ori: "Kurosaki!"
Ichigo: "Until awhile back, the one that was fighting you was a "hollowed" me. That isn't me, if we continue to fight in this manner... isn't it a disadvantage for you...isn't it!"
Ishida "Kurosaki! Do you know wtf you're talking about!"
Ulqui: "Alright, if that is what you wish..then let's do this your way."

Ulqui spreads his wing: "So it has come to this...let's slaughter each other!"
Ichigo is astonished.
Ulqui : “You better hurry and start.. I don’t even have the energy left to walk…If I can not strike this last blow, there will never be a victor.”
Ichigo: “…I refuse”
Ulqui: “What did you say!”
Ichigo: “I said I refuse! This…method of victory…where does it exist!”

Ulqui is shocked
Ulqui: “Tch! Even till the end…you are a unpredictable punk…”
Ulqui looks at Ori
Ulqui: “It was hard but I finally managed to spawn an interest towards you people. But now…at this moment.”
Ori has a puzzled expression…
Ulqui: “Are you afraid of me…woman?”
Ori with a face full of sadness “I am not afraid of you”
Ulqui: “Oh…”
The instant Ori decides to touch him…
Ulquiorra has disintegrated into sand and disappeared…

It would be nice if they show Aizen fight next week.

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