Thursday, April 09, 2009

Naruto 443 Spoiler with picture

443: Meeting
Rasengan hits down Pain.
Naruto takes the black rod and stabs himself to confirm the location of Nagato.
Flash back inside Naruto about happiness and peace.
Hinata is getting better under Sakura's treatmeat
Gai's team heard the victory of naruto from Katsuyu
Neji says to chase after Naruto but Katsuya stops him.
However, he insists to go.

Shikamaru's dad finds Naruto
Naruto: I have to go by myself.
Ino's dad: No
Flash back inside Shikamaru's dad about his talk with Shikamaru.
Shikamaru's dad: Count on you, Naruto.

A small door opens from the trees wrapped with paper

Nagato: Konan, leave here first.
Konan: Nagato.
Naruto: You're the real one in the back!
Nagato: The peace will come very soon.

Naruto and Nagato's thoughts
Chapter ends.

If this is real then this week is nothing much. Will wait till the rest of the pictures to be out.

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