Friday, April 24, 2009

Gone Liverpool Gone

Another win from Man Utd will end Liverpool's title dream. Or 3 slip ups from Man Utd will give Liverpool a fighting chance.

So what went wrong up to now for Liverpool this season?

Torres injury. Torres hasn't been fit until only lately. If he would play more matches, Liverpool might win more draw matches.

Keane factor. Robbie Keane was a darn bloody fantastic player when he was in Tottenham. However, he was off form for Liverpool and his spat with Benitez made him a bench warmer.

Management issues. Benitez delaying contract could be a factor of distraction to the manager.

Skrtel's injury. Skrtel was in form for Liverpool this season. He absent due to injury from the team was a big loss.

No matter how there's a few more matches to go and I believe in miracle, if there's any left.

You Never Walk Alone

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