Sunday, April 26, 2009

When Client Reads Your Blog

I had a conversation about this with a blogger a few weeks back.

What if your client reads your blog? Seriously....

It's a dangerous thing. Be safe than sorry. I wouldn't bitch and talk shits about my clients here. Most of clients are really nice to me. Especially a few.

I knew a blogger who got into trouble as she rants too much about her clients. Now her blog is prohibited to close friends only to get out of troubles.

Put it this way, I had been having some issues with my clients lately and I'm quite pressured about it. I'm not mad or pissed with them, just that there's too many things at one time for me.

I know few of them could be reading this post. Please keep on reading...

I treat my clients like my friends and I had so much fun just now at the Heineken event.

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