Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Knowing Review

The review of this movie came really late. Reason being I watched other movies before this.

Many mixed reviews from friends before I watched this. In fact, few of them had already spoiled the movie nicely for me. Damn! It's either you love or hate this movie. There's no in between.

Any how, I placed my bet that Nicholas Cage not going to screw this up. I wasn't wrong indeed.

The movie started 50 years ago where a little girl placed a sheet of numbers for a time capsule.
The numbers then picked by Cage's son in the present time.

The mystery started when Cage realized that the numbers represents disasters. Plot deepens when he realized that there's a few disasters yet to come.

I'm going to put it nicely here. No more spoilers already.

I must say I loved thrillers like this. I loved how the plot goes and I loved the ending.

For non science fiction lovers, they would find this movie ridiculous. For me, I think there's possibilities of such events.

The ending part's special effects were quite outstanding.

After watching the movie, Rachel felt that it was quite scary. Indeed life is so short but have to endure so much for the sake of life.

I enjoyed the movie very much and do recommend this movie for those yet to watch this movie.

I fall into the loved this movie category.

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