Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Standard Chartered Marathon Run : I'll Be There!

After my first attempt for 10km run was successful few months ago, I am no longer in shape (even though I never did in shape) to go for another one.

Many might not believe at first but when I completed the race, only then my friends knew that I'm serious about it. Even though it was 2 hours plus, but I'm proud of it.

Running never been my cup of tea. However, the satisfaction and joy after the run was somehow amazing. I had a huge body ache for 3 consecutive days. It was like the best gym workout ever.

The best part was, we never trained for the 10km run. We just went there and run!

I will be joining Standard Chartered Marathon Run but not for the 42km or the 21km. I'll running for 10km again. Before that I might join other marathons for fun. There's Malakoff and New Balance run before then.

Here's the thing...

If a fat guy like me can complete the race, why can't you?

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